NEWdOG Records

The NEWdOG Story

NEWdOG Records was founded in 1996 by Paul Godwin in San Francisco, California. The label and recording studio set up residence at Bob Stutch's Dog & Pony Studios on Colin P. Kelly Street in the South Beach district of SOMA. A series of artists including Jhno, Spool, Guy Gershoni and Dogon worked as sound designers and musicians for the blossoming interactive revolution of the mid to late '90s (with much help from Tonie Gomez, René Ancinas,  Guy Gershoni, Andrew Law and David Fisher!) The label found a distribution home with Dave Allen's (Gang of Four, Shriekback) WORLD DOMINATION RECORDINGS (WEA) in 1997 and was available throughout North America. The Ambient Brunch Tour was created to highlight the NEWdOG artists Dogon, Spool and Jhno, in collaboration with artists from Six Degrees Records including DJ Cheb i Sabah, Bossa Cuca Nova and Banco De Gaia.  The tour played venues in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Diego.

2015 - NEWdOG reopens for distribution in the digital sphere and manufacturing products by Dogon and you?  Send us your links and maybe we can team up on your next project.

Welcome to Evolutionary Electronic on NEWdOG